Recipe for Amish Friendship Bread

The recipe for Amish friend bread goes back to the Amish sect that lives in a remote area of ​​the world, Pennsylvania, and their bread recipe has spread to all countries of Europe and even the world, becoming a kind of luxurious breads that some prefer on the breakfast table.

Amish baked goods are diverse and different and are not limited to bread. They are all yummy and rely on easy-to-prepare recipes and ingredients available in every home. The recipe for Amish friendship bread is simple, easy, and has a soft taste that melts inside the mouth. 

How do you make recipes for Amish friendship bread from scratch?

You might be wondering what kind of bread is this, and what is the most talked-about Amish bread?
To find out, today we're going to make this bread recipe from scratch and learn the secret to delicious Amish bread?

It is a type of baked goods that has its origins in the Amish Christian sect in the United States of America. It is made with different flavors such as vanilla, coffee, etc... and they prepare it to be eaten with friends.

Amish friendship bread recipe

Preparation time: 15 min.
Cook time: 50 min to 1 Hr.
Starter time: 10 days.
Cuisine: American.


 The sourdough starter:
  • - A cup of white flour (x3 cups.)
  • - A cup of milk (x3 cups.)
  • - A cup of sugar (x3 cups.)
  • - 1 package active dry yeast.
  • - A cup of warm water.

  • 2 cups all-purpose flour.
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking powder. 
  • 1 tsp baking soda. 
  • 1/2 tsp salt.
  • Two teaspoons cinnamon.

The bread:
  • 2/3 cup oil or melted butter.
  • 1 cup sugar.  
  • 3 large eggs. 
  • 1 Tsp of vanilla extract. 
  • Chocolate chips, nuts, or cinnamon sugar (optional.)


1) The first step, combine the yeast with water, then leave it for ten minutes.

In a plastic bag, mix one cup of flour, sugar, and milk and stir well, then add the yeast mixture and continue to stir a little until it becomes one mixture, then close the bag tightly and leave it until the second day.

sourdough starter for Amish bread

2) On the second day, stir the starter again without opening the bag, and we do this process also on the third, fourth, and fifth days.

3) On the sixth day, add another cup of flour, a cup of milk, and sugar inside the plastic bag, combine them all well, then close the bag and leave it for the next day at room temperature.

4) Keep stirring the starter for the rest of the days, up to the tenth and final day.

5) After ten days have passed, again add one cup of milk, sugar, and flour and mix them for the last time, then divide the amount into sealed bags, each bag holds one cup of the starter, and distribute it to friends and share it with them, and that is why it is called friendship bread.

6) Combine the ingredients of the second mixture consisting of two cups of all-purpose flour, soda, salt, and a pinch of cinnamon, set aside to add to the starter.

flour and cinnamon for Amish bread

Now take a cup of the starter that we prepared in the first and add to it the number 3 ingredients (see above) and then follow these steps:

1) Make sure not to use any metal measuring cups or bowls.

2) Add your one cup of starter to a glass or plastic bowl.

3) then add 2/3 of a cup of oil and one cup of sugar.

4) Stir it together until it's smooth.

5) Then you're going to add three eggs, one at a time.

6) Make sure to stir somewhat between each egg addition.

7) After the third egg, you're also going to add one teaspoon of vanilla extract.

8) Stir them together well until smooth and mixed.

9) Once the eggs are all mixed in, add the farina mixture you left aside a little while ago and stir it together.

The mixture going to be a thick quick bread dough.

10) At this point, once it's mixed together, you can add chopped nuts or Choco chips.

11) Pour the mixture into the mold.

12) Make another mixture consisting of one-quarter cup of sugar and two tablespoons of cinnamon, and sprinkle it on the surface of the dough before you put it in the hot oven, the temperature of which reaches 330 degrees Celsius.

Amish friendship bread recipe can take up to 50 min to cook in the oven, keep cool 15 min after it comes out, and serve to family, guests, and friends.

Amish friendship bread cooked in the mold

Amish bread recipe secrets

To get amazing results for your Amish bread pastry, here are some tips:

- Use enough butter instead of ghee and oil, because the Amish friendship relies on everything that is natural and derived from dairy, and it gives the bread a very sweet and yummy taste, gives it softness, and gives it the appearance of loaves.

- Grease the bread with butter before putting it in the oven to get a beautiful golden color.

- Don't put too many useless ingredients, but pay attention to simplicity while preparing the Amish, and just stick to the basic ingredients and you will get a great result.

- in the Amish bread recipe; The Amish rely on hand bread because they don't use electricity, so take the time to knead the dough and bake it well.

Do you have to wait 10 days for Amish friendship bread?

Yes, to get the best result of the recipe for Amish Friendship Bread, you must follow the steps that the recipe goes through for ten days, you should know that the starter is the one that takes all that time to get the required strength and leavening, then you can prepare the bread in a 15 min.
These instructions are for the mixture for ten days:

  • Day 1 = Do nothing.
  • Day 2-5 = Mash the starter.
  • Day 6 = Add ingredient.
  • Day 7-9 = Mash the starter.
  • Day 10 = Add ingredients and bake separately.

Can you use a mixer for Amish friendship bread?

Amish friendship is famous for the Amish bread recipe and the many different pastries that they bake by hand without using an electric mixer, so it has a special way of preparing it.

You may be surprised when you know that this sect refuses to use electricity, mobile phones, cars, and everything related to modern technology, even if it is a necessity of life. Which makes us wonder how this sect survives without the use of technology!

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Does Amish Friendship Learn Baking Recipes in Cooking Schools?

Amish friendship does not go to school and do not receive an education like others and adhere to everything that is traditional and original, and are satisfied with learning inherited recipes, although there are some private schools in their areas, they often do not accept to go to them.

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