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Welcome to www.recipespastry: we make you experience pastry far beyond recipes!
Created over 1 year ago by Chef Issamo.

We are committed to making you progress whatever your level, thanks to our 100% reliable recipes and our pastry tips, to inspire you with original ideas that we have tested, but also to make you live the pastry through our videos and our decryption.

Whether you are looking to make homemade foie gras at Christmas, the real Paris Brest, grandmother's apple pie, a tagine in Morocco, or a curry as in India, www.recipespastry is there to guide you!

You can find on www.recipespastry Recipe Cake (pastry) as a source of inspiration and good humor thanks to our winks on the world of cooking

Animated daily by the chief editor Issamo and her team, the site is constantly evolving in pursuit of its mission: to make you live the cuisine beyond the recipes.

Discuss with us on our Facebook page but also on our Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter accounts, watch us on our YouTube channel, offer us your recipes, view our articles, draw ideas but above all, have a good time with us.

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