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Turkish Tantuni Recipe | Traditional style Food

Turkish Tantuni, or as it is called a tantuni sandwich or tantuni Kebab, is one of the best Turkish…

The Average Salary of a Pastry Chef | Show average hourly wage

The average salary of a pastry chef is usually $25,000 a year in the United States, which can be in…

Recipe for Amish Friendship Bread | Original Starter Recipe

The recipe for Amish friend bread goes back to the Amish sect that lives in a remote area of ​​th…

Moroccan Vegetarian Tagine - Spices Traditional Recipe

One of the popular foods known in Morocco is the Moroccan tagine vegetable, which is one of the mos…

How to Freeze Apricots with Lemon Juice | 3 Successful Methods

Photo by 8photo   Apricots are delicious and beautiful fruits that have a good taste that many peop…

Healthy Trail Mix Apricots Recipe with Organic Dried Blueberries

Photo by timolina If you like to eat a snack instead of a full meal, or between the main meals, ins…

Jam Jar - How to Sterilize and Preserve Jam and Fruits

Throughout the year, we like to prepare delicious homemade jams, made from tasty fruits. In summer,…

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