A bowl of apricot and strawberry jam

Throughout the year, we like to prepare delicious homemade jams, made from tasty fruits. In summer, red fruits are perfect for it, as is apricot jam, peaches, or plums. Starting in the fall, you can also make jellies and marmalades from grapes, pears, or apples. But to keep your jams properly and to prevent them from turning or molding, it is imperative that the jars are properly sterilized, either in boiling water or in the microwave.

What is a jam jar?

The jam jar is the bowl in which we keep jams made from fruits such as strawberries and dried apricots, and we can keep pickles in it to keep them soft, preferably the jam bowl is made of glass, and it is not recommended that it be plastic.

How to sterilize jars of homemade jam?

To close my jars of homemade jams, I fill the jar to the top or almost (about half a centimeter from the edge) and I close in a very specific way: I put the lid on the jar, I press on it to drive out the air and while continuing to press in the middle, I screw. Typically, I then put my pot upside down until it is cold. As I make several pots at the same time, I put them all together on a plate, which allows them to all be moved at once. This is more convenient, especially if they are still hot. Finally, do not forget to label your jars (date and fruits used) and store them in a dry place and protected from light.

Sterilize jars of jam in the microwave

Another technique is to sterilize the jam jars in the microwave. But due to the microwave’s small capacity, it is best to do this when making small amounts of jam since it will only require a few jars.

Start by filling the jar with water. Then place it in the microwave. Heat until the water boils, then cook for 2 minutes at maximum power. As it boils, the water will sterilize the jam jar and the sprouts will cook with the heat. Take the jar out of the microwave, using a glove to avoid getting burned.


Then pour in the very hot jam through a funnel. Screw the lid on the jar and turn it over immediately. Let the jam cool to room temperature before straightening the jar. In this way, the air will drain from the pot. You should hear a distinctive "pop" when you open the jar.

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