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France is the land of pastry, And there is plenty, given the extremely rich and prestigious gastronomy of the country. Whether you are French or a foreigner staying in Paris, you will try your hand at French gastronomy by taking French cooking classes taught in English.

In this article, we have put together the best cooking class workshops in the French capital Paris so that you can enjoy classes with Michelin starred chefs.

After the workshop, you will come out with lots of ideas for new recipes, no more traditional grandmother's recipes. It's time to renew yourself!

Can I learn French desserts online?

Many people are fond of sweets and are fascinated by the hobby of preparing French food, but they do not have enough experience to pursue this hobby. Well, what if we could learn this skill on our phones that always come with us?

Some may ask, is there an online pastry school. Yes, of course, Pastry class in Paris has become available on the Internet, saving you from the hassle of traveling to another country. Now you can follow your lessons in France while you are in your country comfortably.

Suppose you are interested in learning pastry and sweets and ninety to teach it professionally. In that case, you can join and register on the sites, which we will mention, which are classic French academic sites with a high reputation for learning sweets from home. Among its advantages is that it contains many practical training courses and in a short time.

What are the five best pastry classes in Paris?

-1 Le cordon bleu Paris

Address: 13-15 Quai André Citroën, 75015 Paris  

Founded in 1895, the Cordon Bleu in Paris institute has for 120 years been responsible for transmitting the techniques and knowledge inherited from the great masters of classic French cuisine.

With more than 35 institutes located in more than 20 countries, this hotel school is the world's leading network of culinary arts and hotel management institutes and trains 20,000 students of more than 130 different nationalities each year.

And it offers a range of culinary workshops in French and English for gastronomy enthusiasts, individually or in groups for kids, amateurs, or professionals. Guided by exceptional chefs, these workshops introduce you to techniques related to cooking, pastry making, baking, and food and wine pairing.

Classes include several workshops:

Pastry workshops:

- Macaron class / the secrets of the Macarons in Paris

- The pies/choux pastry

- The Financiers, Cakes 

- Cream fillings

- Become a French pastry chef

- ( patisserie )

Cooking workshops:

- The Art of Cooking like a French Chef

- Vegetarian Kitchen

- The Art of Sauces and Juices

Bakery workshop:

- The Traditional Bakery (2 days)

- French Bread

- Pastries

- Viennoiseries (croissants)

Juice classes:

- Juice and Spirits Program - 3 modules (42 hours of classes)

- Food and juice Pairing

-2 L'Atelier des Sens

Address: 40 rue Sedaine 75011 Paris

Since 2004, the Atelier des Sens in Paris has been offering the general public the opportunity to prepare pastry recipes in a workshop so friendly and well decorated that it feels like home.

Among all the courses offered, you will have the opportunity to learn world kitchen (Italian, Indian, Lebanese, Japanese), pastry, Haute kitchen, or even take a juices class to discover a little more about France's juices.

In a hot atmosphere and with a small group of other amateurs, you will prepare different recipes according to your chosen formula. Then you will taste your creations together.

You can choose classes where you will cook gluten-free or lactose-free recipes. Perfect if you are intolerant or pay attention to your diet.

-3 La Cuisine Paris – Cooking classes in Paris

Address: 80 Quai, l'Hôtel Ville, 75004, Paris  

Ranked 2nd hit workshop in Paris by Tripadvisor; La Cuisine Paris welcomes you to its workshop located in the Marais, near the Seine banks.

Even if you go there alone, the chefs are so friendly and amiable that they facilitate discussions between customers.

From the start of the course, the chef makes the workshop enjoyable and does their best to make sure everything goes well.

-4 Les secrets gourmands de Noémie

Address: 92 rue Nollet 75017 Paris

In the heart of the Batignolles in Paris, Noémie welcomes you, cheerful, in her very girly workshop to teach you delicious recipes and tips to facilitate your way of cooking.

During a very friendly workshop, we learn a little more about Noémie and her professional background. Moreover, we quickly understand that she is so passionate that she has only one desire: to transmit her passion to young and old.

It offers many traditional or contemporary cooking classes and more occasional courses such as birthdays or special events.

The recipes you learn will be useful to reproduce at the house to delight everyone, and you will have something to impress.

It is also an opportunity to bring out all that you have learned to shine in society.

We love the warm and friendly atmosphere of this workshop in Paris.

-5 Michalak Masterclass

The latest arrival in the world of pastry schools, Michalak has made his place in a few weeks with publicity and media coverage on rue du Faubourg Poissonnière in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. 

On the best menu of this lovely place, “ masterclasses.”

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