Flour is the basis for making pieces of bread, pasta, pancakes, and pastry recipes.

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To make bread, shortcrust pastry, cake or bechamel sauce, flour is essential, and our kitchen cupboards are always provided with it. Obtained by fine grinding, the flour can come from various varieties of cereal grains or other products. Wheat flour is undoubtedly the most widespread. It is made from common wheat, durum wheat, or small and large spelled. The more gluten it contains, the more it will have significant stretch and elasticity capacities, and therefore the easier it will rise.

For flour that is poor in gluten or without, we have the choice between rye flour, for a delicious gingerbread, corn for homemade tortillas, chestnut or buckwheat for Breton pancakes and pancakes. Rice flour, soy, quinoa, and chickpeas are also increasingly present on our worktops, ideal for people on a gluten-free diet.

There are a lot of free pastry flour recipes that you can find online. Some are simple enough for your kids to make, while others are more difficult.

pastry flour recipes

Everyone has their taste when it comes to cookies. For example, some people enjoy the sweet flavor of a sugar cookie. Others prefer the crunch of the biscuit cookies.

Classic gluten-free flour, like Bob's Red Mill, is suitable for all types of cookies. This flour also produces a great texture, which makes for a beautiful surface for most cookies.

Some prefer a less greasy butter or margarine base. These flours tend to work better with both types of baking. However, if you choose to use spreadable butter, do so sparingly.

The bread flour is liquid-based and has a different consistency than the all-purpose or bread flour. Bread flour can be a little tricky to use because it does not absorb moisture well, which means the more you use it, the drier your cookies will be.

Two main ingredients to remember when choosing flour for cookies:

Do not buy flour in bags or cartons. They do not absorb moisture, so they will end up dry and crumbly when baked. You can purchase small containers of flour in the flour section of your local grocery store.

Baking soda is another trick you can try. If you buy the powdered form, sprinkle it on top of the flour before mixing it in.

If you want large amounts of flour, you can use sugar. Simply add a cup of it to the recipe, and stir it in well. It is sugar, so it will give you the exact color and flavor you are looking for.

Pastry flour recipes can be found online as well. These are great because they give you some other great tips for successful baking.

One of the top tips is to bake several batches of the same type of cookie. The amount of chocolate and other additives that the flour is made of will determine how many cookies you need to bake, and the time it takes to cook them.

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