Best strawberry jam recipe easy homemade making

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Presentation for a homemade strawberry jam recipe

Strawberry jam is one of the best, quickest, and easiest meals that a mother can offer her children and her husband in the morning. Jam is a delicious and delicious meal if placed in slices of toast, and it is beneficial in winter, as it provides the body with energy and calories from To achieve activities and efforts that require energy.

- Making easy strawberry jam recipe

- To make homemade strawberry jam recipe, you need the following:

  • Strawberries as much as necessary bought fresh on the market, it is not preferable to use Strawberry previously-stored, because the taste differs slightly from fresh fruit.
  • An amount of sugar depending on the number of strawberries, because each kilogram of strawberries requires 500 grams of sugar.
  • Brown sugar can be bought in stores, 2 spoons per kilogram of strawberries.
  • Cinnamon sticks, one stick per kilogram of strawberries.
  • An orange peel.
  • Half a lemon squeezed per kilogram of strawberries.

- How to prepare a strawberry jam recipe
  • After obtaining all the ingredients and having prepared them, we first make the strawberry kernels, washing them well with lukewarm water to clean them, then removing any area that suffers from defects or corruption, because it can spoil the taste of the jam, then cut it into pieces Tiny.
  • Then we put the strawberry pieces in a saucepan and put the whole amount of sugar on the strawberry grains, then put it on the fire to a moderate degree to homogenize the mixture between the sugar and the strawberry grains.
  • Leave the strawberries in a saucepan over low heat to melt completely, and let stand for a long time of up to several hours, after which we add orange peel and lemon juice to the mixture over the heat.
  • Leave it on fire until it sticks well, but care must be taken to continue stirring to avoid sticking pieces of jam at the bottom of the pan as if they were burnt, this completely ruins the taste of jam.
  • Once the jam has reached maturity, we remove the pan from the heat and allow it to cool for at least several hours to cool it completely. We fill the jam in jars of the desired size, then we put it in the refrigerator to cool it and get the right taste.

- Nutritional Benefits of Strawberry
- We also know that strawberries are a very delicious fruit, just like everyone likes it young and old because of the beauty of its outward appearance.

It is also delicious in taste and can be consumed as a juice by adding a little milk or vanilla ice cream to it, then mix it using an electric mixer.

- This, in addition to Strawberry, facilitates the process of absorption and digestion in the body.
Also, strawberries considerably whiten teeth, so the mother should give it to the child to strengthen the teeth and whiten them.

- Strawberries contain a large amount of magnesium and potassium, which significantly strengthens the bones. Strawberry is also the best fruit for diabetics because they contain little sugar, but their taste is delicious.
It is also a very effective treatment for regulating blood pressure because it works to reduce high blood pressure.

- It is better when storing strawberries not to be washed before storage, and it is also better to buy fruits that contain beautiful green leaves, and it is possible to know how good the fruits are through their leaves, and they can also be stored without their leaves and without washing.

- Many women prefer to make jam at home because they are afraid of the manufactured and preservative materials used in factories, which can be harmful to the body and children, and the taste of the house is much better than the product in factories, which is sold in stores.

Thank you for all.

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